Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once a Princess, Always a Princess?

Back when I worked at Disneyland, I amassed quite a bit of Disney artwork, much of which is Snow White- or princess-themed. Until this time, I had found little places and bits of which in our house where I could fit it in without being overtly girly. With little boy number three on his way and the ways we have shifted furniture about and changed the rooms, it's time for it to go. All of it. There's no way I can slyly fit the "girls" into the house any longer. It's hard to say good-bye to my girls for a variety of reasons.

Saying good-bye to the princesses solidifies that there will be no little princess in our house and I will be the lone queen of this castle. It means the pieces I purchased during my college days (with my very limited, hard-earned funds) more than ten years ago need to be packed away, in addition to the hopes and love I may have had for them. I certainly bought each piece because I liked them a lot and I'm just not ready to sell them or give them away.

I know that I sound like one of those people on the show Hoarders. I know that my belongings don't define me. Nonetheless, I just can't part with them. I know that just because I will have three AMAZINGLY sweet and wonderful boys I will not be any less feminine or have to admire Disney princess films any less. The princesses don't make me a girl, but it's still hard to say good-bye to my girls. While the kindest thing I could do would be to give (or sell) them to another princess who will display and enjoy them, I will alas be locking them away (storing them in plastic storage containers) in a tower (the garage) until the day comes when I can part with them or give them to my granddaughters.

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Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

Keep them forever.
When the boys are gone, and you are left on your own you can break them out and turn a room into a lovely office for yourself. And you can girl it up to the high heaven. And they will be waiting for you....

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