Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Celebrity Life

The celebrity set seem to love to be hopitalized for "exhaustion." Now, I'm no dummy. I'm fully aware that "exhaustion" is code word for drug, alcohol, or insert-other-vice addiction. But in the case that exhaustion is really exhaustion, I would like to know if Kaiser covers exhaustion in my private health plan. I'm tired, really tired. I would love the chance to lay in a craft-o-matic adjustable bed, watch television, read, and be served meals (even crappy ones) without having to change diapers, clean the house, or tend to anyone's needs. I want a break from work, the kids, and responsibility. I don't have deep pockets, a personal assistant, nannies, housekeeper, or entrouge to make my life easier. Celebrities have it so much easier than moms like me, so I MUST be more more exhausted than they could ever be.

My name is Lisa and I suffer from exhaustion--the real kind. Contact my publicist for details.


Pam said...

You crack me up! I'm working on a post about sleep deprevation and wartime torture. I see people all the time that are in the hospital and the beds look so comfy that I am actually jealous. Really pathetic.

The Glamorous Life Association said...

Oh god. I know how you feel. I have had times in my life that I would actually secretly wish for a non life threatening illness that would put me in the hospital! So pathetic huh?

You will push thru. Hang on. Keep breathing. And if at all possible...try to get a nap. Like beg everyone to take the kid/husband out of the house. And just SLEEP. It will do wonders.

Hang in there.