Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm now 30 weeks pregnant with our third baby and over the last four to six weeks, the nesting instinct has taken over my being. I'm not talking a little reorganizing, I'm talking becoming OCD. I've been on a rampage throwing things out, boxing things up, and categorizing toys by function and/or genre. Getting ready for this baby is all I can think about. I make lists. I think about places to put things. I put together timelines. I'm obsessed. A couple of weeks ago it got so intense that I found myself talking so fast about how badly I need a new pack and play that I swear my parents must have thought I was completely insane. Sensing my urgency, they ordered me a pack and play online the same day.

With my other two kids, I didn't feel quite this same urgency. Of course, I know I needed to get things ready and had my visions of how I wanted things to look, etc., but it was nothing like this. Am I the only person who has felt this crazy just from the simple need to nest?

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