Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The misconceptions about working from home

In addition to being a mom of three boys, I am a writer who works from home. When I tell most people that I work from home, they imagine me working and parenting at the same time. I often get comments along the lines of, "It must be so nice to have your kids with you while you work."

I feel like it's time for someone from the work-at-home crowd to explain how it works. I WORK from home which means I have to do my job, uninterrupted. I have phone calls and meetings. I have deadlines and expectations. As a writer, I have to write...which means it has to be quiet...really quiet.

I like to tell people to take a few moments and think about their typical day in the office. Now think about that day if you had your kids with you. It's not a pretty picture and as you can imagine, you would get very little work done--if any. And for the record, because my home is my office, there are times when the home versus work boundaries are blurred and I have to work when the kids are around. You can take my word for it when I tell you that kids become the same noisy, attention-seeking monkeys when you work while they are home that they become when you decide to make a phone call when they are around.

Working from home is no different than working in an office--except for the fact that I wear my pajamas most of the day and never have to worry about someone stealing my lunch out of the fridge. Yes, I save on gas. No, I don't do laundry. Yes, I can watch stuff on my DVR while taking my lunch break. No, I don't wash the floor or make the kids beds while I'm on phone calls, because let's face it, I'll use pretty much any excuse (including working), to get out of those chores anyway.

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