Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pressure of Baby Naming

Naming a new baby is huge pressure. Will said child get made fun of for the name? Does it have CEO potential? Does it have staying power or is it a kid's name?

Naming our first son was easy. We decided on the first name and meaningful (family-linked) middle name was decided months before I delivered. With our second son, the hubs and I "discussed" names at length...the entire pregnancy. We still didn't have a name picked out once he was born and had the hospital retype his birth certificate paperwork four times within the hour before we left the hospital.

Naming our boys has been tough each time because every time I bring up a name, my husband has a few prepared responses:
  • "I know a guy with that name..."
  • "I know a guy with that name and he's an a-hole..."
  • "I knew a guy with that name and he was such a nerd."
  • "No way! "
The hubs isn't difficult to get along with, just has definite opinions about names. I find it most ironic that the problem is usually his agreeing to a name when I'm the one who is a teacher and is around so many (insert adjective to describe today's youth here) kids all day.

Tonight the hubs came back from taking our kids to a neighborhood holiday party and proclaimed that he had come up with a name. It's a good name. I like the first name and fits in with my first letter requirement. The middle name is good too, but doesn't fit in with what we've done for the other two boys. Each of my other sons has a middle name with familial significance and the proposed middle name is just...a name. No special significance, just sounds good with the first name.

So now I feel that I must walk the fine line with the hubs again of trying to negotiate the name game. Wish me luck.

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