Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, how I love Pinterst

I love Pinterest. LOVE Pinterest. Really, really LOVE Pinterest. Am I clear on this? Here's why I think it has literally changed my life.
  • I am the queen of browsing the web and thinking, "That's cool. I'll bookmark it and come back to it later." Then, when "later" comes around I can either not find the bookmark in my mess of bookmarks or forget I bookmarked it all together. Essentially, Pinterest has made it so I never have to bookmark anything every again!
  • 2012 is my year of self improvement. I know, lame, right? Well, it really is and I'm off to a running start...but that's a whole other post. As I push through 2012, one of my personal challenges is to up the way I dress. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say I've ever been "fashion-challenged." I love clothing and trends. Pinterest, however, exposes me to beautifully coordinated outfits and clothing items I may not have ever considered.
  • I also adore decorating my home and Pinterest allows me to not only see what other people are posting when it comes to decor and organization, but I have a place to organize my design dreams.
Pinterest is awesome. If you aren't already on Pinterest, follow me today!

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