Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Laid Down the Gauntlet

Tonight, I laid down the gauntlet with my boys. Most nights I am a short-order cook whipping up customized meals in order to stave off whines and complaints. Tonight, I made a dinner that both of the boys said that they wanted. After taking eating about half of his dinner, A refused to eat anymore and B poured half of his cup of milk into his dinner. This meal was the meal that pushed me over the edge; I had had just about enough. They began asking for just about anything else than the food I had cooked--oatmeal, cheese, hot dogs, you name it. Usually, I would just give in, but not tonight. Nope. No more giving in and no more Mrs. Nice Mommy. From now on, you eat what I cook and that's it.

Tomorrow night is meatloaf night. My meatloaf isn't bad. If the boys don't eat their dinner and want something else, that's just tough. I will wrap it up and they can have the leftovers the next night. My cooking isn't amazing but it's not gross. I don't want to raise picky eaters and I can prepare three or more dinners every night. I've taken a stand!


Sara said...

*stands up and claps* Good for you! I recently heard a pediatrician say, "You are responsible for WHEN your child eats and WHAT is presented. You are not responsible for HOW MUCH they choose to eat of it."

What a great Mommy! :)

Andrea said...

hallelujah!!! I have been struggling and trying to be strong about not giving my girls snacks after dinner (they pick at dinner, then half an hour later want a "snack"-crackers, cereal bars, cheese, etc). I started just wrapping up their food and if they say they are hungry I just put their plate back out. Glad to hear someone else going through something similar! And good for you for being strong! Those whines are so hard to resist sometime because you just want a little silence! :)