Friday, December 25, 2009

Where Did My Cooking Grove Go?

I've always considered myself a pretty decent cook. I'm not talking fancy stuff by any stretch, but good around the kitchen nonetheless. I love to cook and enjoy the expression and creativity that goes into crafting delicious food. About a year or so ago, something really strange happened: I lost my cooking skills. It's like some crazy voodoo witch cast a spell on me and "poof" no more cooking abilities. I feel like most of the stuff I make goes south--even the stuff that I've always considered myself a pro at. I've always made great pasta sauce and sucks, as does my amazing meatballs and great meatloaf. It's gotten to a point in which I want to stay away from potlucks. A neighbor recently dealt with a family trauma in which all of us rallied together to provide the family meals. My go to meal of spaghetti and meatballs was terrible (edible but not anything I could be proud of). I was so embarrassed.

Will I get my cooking grove back? Have my two little boys taken some crazy toll on my brain powers? I hope that my cooking abilities return in 2010...and I'm sure my family, neighbors, and friends hope so too!

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